How To Create Youtube Shorts With AI - Written Tutorial

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How To Create Youtube Shorts With AI - Written Tutorial
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How To Create Youtube Shorts With AI - Written Tutorial

You can generate scripts, animations, and voice-overs using various AI platforms. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
Step 1: Picking Your Idea
Alright, first up, you gotta figure out what your video is all about. It’s super important because you need to know what kind of vibe you’re trying to send out and who you want tuning in to watch.
Step 2: Use an AI to Generate Your Script
To generate your script, you can use AI tools like or Writesonic You input your concept and some key points, and these platforms generate a script for you. Remember to keep it concise as YouTube Shorts are only 15-60 seconds long.
Step 3: Generate Animated Video Content
Once you have your script, the next step is to generate the visuals for your short. There are several AI-based tools that can help you do this:
Step 4: AI-Powered Voice Over
To create an AI-generated voiceover for your short, you can use tools like:
Step 5: Editing Your YouTube Short
You can use AI video editing tools such as or Magisto to combine your voiceover with your animation, add music, and apply other finishing touches.
Step 6: Uploading to YouTube
Finally, you need to upload your video to YouTube. Make sure to include “shorts” in the title or description of your video, so YouTube knows it’s a short video. You can do this directly from YouTube’s upload page

Note: Always make sure to respect copyright laws when creating content. Even when using AI tools, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your content is original and doesn’t infringe on others’ rights.

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