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YooHoo – Anonymous Calling Android App Source Code & Admin Panel & Website

YooHoo – Anonymous Calling Android App Source Code & Admin Panel & Website - nulled source code

YooHoo is the best and most secure anonymous calling app using this application you can make calls worldwide without showing your number to the receiver’s mobile screen

YooHoo is the best and most secure anonymous calling app using this application you can make calls worldwide without showing your number to the receiver’s mobile screen with random private numbers.

The YooHoo app is easy to handle just type a number or choose from the contact history list given in YooHoo app then press the dial. YooHoo is fully secure and safe to use for everyone.

YooHoo - Anonymous Calling Android App Source Code - Krishna Apps

Who can use YooHoo Calling App?

Anyone can use YooHoo Calling app and it is especially very helpful for marketing companies, call girls, call boys, and survey companies to take feedback or survey anonymously.

How to make calls with YooHoo anonymously?

To make calls you must have an internet connection but the receiver can receive calls even if he/she is offline or online. To start calling just Register with your Gmail id and after that, you are ready for making calls, you have to recharge your account credits or diamonds, to do this go to the purchase menu and choose a valid pack to buy credit for calls. You can buy call credits within our app only using given payment options only. Do any recharge and start making calls anonymously.

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What you will get after purchase?
  1. Android Studio Source Code (API 32). Check
  2. Beautiful Frontend Website to Showcase Your App. Check
  3. Admin Panel To control app and website remotely. Check
  4. Online Documentation to set up admin and app. Check
  5. Images used in the app and website.

Features of YooHoo Admin Panel

  1. Responsive and secure login system
  2. On the dashboard page, you can check overall earnings, total orders, or pending orders to manage them.
  3. Check who makes the order to purchase the call credits, by name, payment id, country, type of gateway, and date.
  4. Check the total number of users, image, name, email, country, and joining date and also active or suspend users.
  5. Check the call history of all users by name, number, call id, or date.
  6. You can also check users’ credit or coins history by name, type, points, and date.
  7. Add or manage 5-star review for fronted website from admin panel.
  8. Setting to manage app and admin panel settings easily.
  9. Payment setting to manage payment gateways, payment API and price setting, etc. directly from the admin panel.
  10. Website set to manage settings for frontend website like SEO, images, etc.
  11. Manage AppLovin Max ads id from the admin panel
  12. Manage App update settings remotely from admin.
  13. Manage Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions easily within the admin setting.
  14. There are more lot of cool features are available in admin check the demo admin yourself.

Features of YooHoo Android App

  1. Responsive android app support RTL and LTR and multi-language.
  2. Material Design and Good looking Light Weight UI
  3. Beautiful Dialer at the home screen with Built-in Keyboard.
  4. Support modern style referral link means you can set a custom referral link from your domain name.
  5. Secure Login with Gmail id,
  6. Multiple online payment gateways and offline payment systems – InApp-Purchase, PayPal, Razorpay, FlutterWave, and Offline Payment.
  7. Automatic referral code receiver from the unique referral link.
  8. Users will get free coins by referral and ads watch and later they can convert coins into call credits (diamonds).
  9. Secure and smart credits and coins earning and deduction system.
  10. Duplicate account users can not create a new account from the same device, only 1 mobile can open 1 account, it is necessary to stop referral cheating.
  11. Users can check call history or delete them.
  12. Users can check coins and credits or top-up history.
  13. This app will not work if someone tries to nulled or mod it or hack it in any way.
  14. AppLovin Ads integrated – AdMob, Facebook, Unity. If you want more ad networks we can add them to your app after app purchase. (Note:- That ads network should be on Applovin)
  15. Accept privacy policy before login in to use the app and its functionality.
  16. Users can share unique referral links from the app.
  17. Free coins system using ads watch and referral system.
  18. Easy interface and smart app with coins and credits management.

Need More Features?

If you want more features in this app, let us know about them in detail and then we can add them in the upcoming next updates for free or you have any other app and want to integrate our calling app into your existing app let us know about it – we can do it in a low price.

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