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Whatsapp Status Saver for Android App Code

Whatsapp Status Saver for Android App Code

The Status Saver for Whatsapp is an android WhatsApp tools application that allows users to play with WhatsApp-related tools.

This app have AdMob ads to generate some money from the application. ūüôā

It is supported on all the android devices above 4.0 +

Android App Features

Status Saver can Save ( Video and Photo )
Beautiful & Cool UI
Added Firebase Push Notification
Very User-Friendly Interface
Complete Admob Integration

How to Import the Project in Android Studio?

  1. Open Android Studio > Import Project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, ect.)
  2. New window will opened > Browse to directory where you place “Status Saver for Whatsapp” project ¬†> Ok
  3. Wait for few minutes until all process import has finished.

For More Details Read Here: Click Here (How To Change Package Name)

How to Change Application Name?

  1. Open Android Studio > app > res > values > strings.xml
  2. Select ‘strings.xml’
  3. Enter your app name inside “app_name” string tag :
<string name="app_name">Status Saver for Whatsapp</string>

How to Setup ONESIGNAL Notification?

  1. First Open Build.gradle file which is under app folder on Android Studio.
  2. Edit ” onesignal_app_id ” which we labeled yellow on the below screenshot
  3. And then Press “Sync Now”

How to Change AdMob Publisher Id?

AdMob Configuration :

  1. Open Android Studio > app > res > values > strings.xml
  2. Enter your AdMob banner ID inside¬†¬†“banner_ad_unit”¬†string tag :
<string name="banner_ad_unit">Your AdMob Banner ID</string>
  1. Enter your AdMob APP ID inside¬†¬†“admob_app_id”¬†string tag :
<string name="admob_app_id">Your AdMob APP ID</string>

How to Change the Application Icon?

  1. Open Android Studio > app > res > mipmap-hdpi > ic_launcher.png
  2. Rename your icon with ic_launcher.png and paste > replace in mipmap-hdpi folder 



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