IOS Swift

WebView App For IOS Swift Project Code

Cool WebView For IOS Device Has Good UI, And Many Features Like Home Menu, Support Menu, About us, Share and Rate us etc.

Cool WebView For IOS Device Has Good UI, And Many Features Like Below:

Manu in Home

-> 1. Support Menu

-> 2. About Us

-> 3. Web View

-> 4. Share App

-> 5. Rate

-> 6. Facebook Page
-> 7. Instagram Page

-> 8. Twitter Page

Share App
Menu Drawer
Map Screen
Rate us Screen


How TO Reskin app

Change icon

Change Icons

1) first you need put your icon in assests

How to change admob id

Change AdMob Ads Id

just you go this path


Change app Title

Change App Name

Change app Bundle Identifier

Change App Package Name or Bundle Name

Change app social media page url

Change Social Media Urls

Change your website url

Add Website URL

Change app Support contact detail

App Contact Details Change

Change app about us detail

Write About Yourself or App

Change app url and account url

Change onesignal id

Contact us


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