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Simple Chat – Firebase Realtime App

Create a project by clicking on create a project in the firebase console.
Fill the necessary details in the pop up window about the project. Edit the project ID if required.


  • Item Name : Simple Chat – Firebase Realtime App
  • Item Version : v 1.0

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This documentation is to help you regarding each step of customization. Please go through the documentation carefully to understand how this application is made and how to edit this properly. Basic Java, Xml & Firebase knowledge is required to customize this Application.


You will need the following sofwares to customize this template.

  1. Code Editing Software (eg: Android Studio)
  2. A platform for testing Android (eg: Emulator or Real Device 4.4.2 – 9.0)
  3. Browsing Firebase for Setup

Be careful while editing the Application. If not edited properly, the system may break completely and the app will be crushed.

How to Setup Firebase #back to top

Below are the steps to include Firebase to Android project in Android studio:

Manually adding firebase

In this, the steps involve:

Go To Firebase Console

  1. Create a firebase project
    • Create a project by clicking on create a project in the firebase console.

Fill the necessary details in the pop up window about the project. Edit the project ID if required.

Click on create project to finally create it.

Now add this project to the android app

  • Click on the Add firebase to your android app option on the starting window.
  • A prompt will open where to enter the package name of the app.
  • Now the app is connected to the Firebase. Now all the cloud based as well server based services can be easily used in the app.
  • Now the app will be registered with firebase.

Now download the google-services.json file and place it in the root directory of the android app.

After that, Click on Develop > Database

Click on Create Database

Confirm Enable

Go to Realtime Database > Rule (In the top like image)

Changes all value false to true like this.

  /* Visit to learn more about security rules. */
  "rules": {
    ".read": true,
    ".write": true
  1. Click on Authentication

Click on Sign in Method > Email/Password made it Enable.

Manually adding Storage

  • Click on Storage > Get Start

Click on Got It.

Congratulation. You are done


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