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Queen Scanner Android App Scan and PDF

Documents and free PDF scans. If you need to do a lot of document scanning, open your mobile phone and use PDF Scanner to enjoy a high-quality scanner on your device with a single tap. Search for PDF documents anytime, anywhere. With PDF Maker, you can quickly search for any type of personal files you need on your device, be it work, college, or class data. The PDF Scanner application manages documents, files, IDs, books, and images in HD format and converts them to PDF or JPEG format. Distribute sketches, photos, books, receipts, key receipts, and magazines throughout the Scan Scan application.

How to change App id:

Change Admob ID:

Change Skin of Apps:

How to change Skin

1.Go to res/drawable find & change image that you want

2.Go to res/layout/ find and change layout of app screen

Click below link to Download the Code


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