Adobe Illustrator for Beginners – Learn by Doing Work

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Adobe Illustrator for Beginners – Learn by Doing Work
  • 16h 25m Duration
  • 108 Lectures

Adobe Illustrator for Beginners – Learn by Doing Work

A complete Adobe Illustrator CC course for beginners that will teach you all the fundamentals of Illustrator by practicing and doing exercises.
All you need to start this course is the Adobe Illustrator software and nothing else, you don’t need to have any prerequisite knowledge.
Learn by Doing
This is not a course where you can just sit down, watch and absorb information. You don’t really learn anything that way, instead, I want you to learn by doing.
We will get started by exploring the Illustrator app, navigating, moving around, and knowing some basic tools then we will go straight to doing exercises.
With every new exercise, we will discover a new Tool or a new Technique in Illustrator.

This course is structured in 5 Chapters :
  1. Getting Started
  2. Lines and Shapes
  3. Drawing and Coloring
  4. Text and Effects
  5. Advanced
We will start with simple and easy exercises and as we advance, things will gradually become more and more challenging.
But it’s very important that you do the exercises and I can’t stress this enough.
If you are planning to just watch the course the same way you watch Netflix, then you probably shouldn’t waste your time.

My Promise to You: If you are dedicated and do all the exercises along with me, at the end of the course, I guarantee you will know all the basics and will be able to use Illustrator with ease.
With more practice and advanced learning, you can become a master Illustrator.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are serious about learning Illustrator

What you'll learn

  1. How to Navigate in Illustrator
  2. How to create Lines and Shapes
  3. All the tools used to Draw and Color
  4. How to create Text and add Effects
  5. Some advanced Tools and Techniques
Video Size: 15GB

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