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Photo Vault, Call Blocker, AppLocker For Android

🛡️ 🔒 APP LOCKER FEATURE – Lock your apps

⭐ AppLocker will protect your apps with your Fingerprint, Pattern or Password.

⭐ Lock Instagram, Facebook, Social Media, Messaging and Gallery apps and protect from others.

⭐ Lock your Camera with a Fingerprint, Pattern or Password.

⭐ Lots of Lock screen backgrounds. Create yours!

🔥 📲 Download SecureBox. Start Locking your Instagram, Facebook, Social Media, Messaging and Gallery Apps.

📸 🔒 VAULT FEATURE – Private Photos and Videos

⭐ Hide your Private Photos from your gallery.

⭐ Hide your Private Videos from your gallery.

⭐ Only you can see you private photos with your Fingerprint or Pattern.

⭐ %100 safe encryption. No one can see your photos and videos.

⭐ Keep your Photos and Videos, Safe and Secure.

🔥 📲 Download SecureBox. Start protecting your Photos and Videos.

🚫 📞 CALL BLOCKER – Block unwanted Numbers

⭐ Block phone numbers.

⭐ Block SMS.

⭐ Block Calls.

⭐ Call logs to see who is calling you.

⭐ Create and Edit your BlackList easily.

⭐ See all information about Blocked Call History.

🔥 📲 Download SecureBox. Start Blocking Unwanted Calls.COLLAPSE

App Features

  • App locker
  • Fingerprint Validation
  • Vault Image/Video file (File Encryption/Decryption)
  • Block call (Blacklist)
  • Private Browser
  • Take intruders photo secretly (Camera 1 API)

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