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How to Publish App To Latest Version of Play Store Dashboard

Hi Friends, Welcome to the Nulled Source Code Today We Will Learn How To Upload The App In Latest Play Store Dashboard Account. Because Google Change The View of Dashboard in New Version, So Let’s get Started Search or Open Play Console Account in Chrome. Now log in and Then Click on Create App.

Enter the App Details as shown in Video or Screenshots, Fill the details correctly later if you change it then some of these information’s you can’t change and some of will results bad effect to your app search ability.

Then Click on Create App Button, Then follow the on screen tutorial, and finally you will be able to upload the app on the Latest Version of the Playstore Account. Now We successfully, Upload the App to the Play Store. Thanks For Watching If you have any error or Problem comment us or visit our website and submit a ticket, we will help you to upload the APK on Play Store.

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