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How to Generate Facebook Ads ID?

How To get Facebook APP Id And Ads ID For Android Studio Full Tutorials Found Here.

Open and login in Facebook Developer Website :-

  • Click On My Apps
  • Click On Create App
  • If your app already exists then select your app

Enter App Name

  • Click On Products +
  • Click On Set Up button of Audience Network

Select your Business Manager Account or Create New One

  • Enter your app name
  • Click next

Click On Add of Android Section

  • Select App is not live
  • Click on Submit
  • Select the type of ad to create id
  • Write the steps to find that particular ad
  • Click on Create Placement
  • Go to side menu
  • Go to Integration > Properties

Now select your app

Now click on more option and click Create Placement

  • Enter your ad placement name
  • Select your ad type
  • Click Create Placement below

How to find your ad ids

  • Go to side menu
  • Click Testing inside Integration menu
  • Turn On Testing enabled
  • Ad your device advertising id to load facebook ads
  • Find Advertising ID -> In your device go to Google Setting > Ads > Your Advertising ID

Note :- Disable Testing when you upload your app to playstore

Note :- To test facebook ads in your phone you have to either add your phone advertising id or you have to login to facebook app in your phone with the same account in which you have created app

Review your app after your app is uploaded to playstore:-

  • Enter your app play store URL and click the submit button
  • Tick The Audience Network SDK has been integrated into my app
  • Click on Confirm Manually
  • Add Your Payment Account if you haven’t added

All Done. If you have any query ask in the Comment.

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