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Fancy Quotes Maker, Name On Photo Android App

FQM is An Android App To Create Names on Cool Pics and Gradient Background In Few Clicks Without Watermark Directly From Your Android Mobile.

FQM is An Android App To Create Names on Cool Pics and Gradient Background In Few Clicks Without Watermark Directly From Your Android Mobile.

Created on:- 11 – 12 – 2020

Updated on: 11-12-2020
Company:- Nulled Source Code – NSC
Support Email:- [email protected]
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Thank you for purchasing the app. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to message via Ticket only. Thanks so much!

Features of FQM:

  • Easy Interface
  • Good Looking UI
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Set Own Background (Images: PNG/JPG)
  • Set Gradient Background (You Can Add More Gradients)
  • Set Custom Cool Background or Frames From App (You Can Add Own Cool Backgrounds or Frames To App, Either Create or Search Internet)
  • Set Custom Fonts to Text
  • Set Color To Text
  • Photo Croper
  • Use App in Three View : 1) Simple View, 2) Image View, 3) Gradient View
  • Set Stickers From App (You Can Add More Stickers To app)
  • Create Cool or Fancy Images Text And Save Directly To Your Gallery.
  • Share Menu To Share App From Navigation Drawer.
  • Cool Rate us Alert Dialog, Directly Send User to Play Store App.

FQM AdMob & Facebook Ads:

  • AdMob Banner Ads
  • AdMob Interstitial Ads
  • AdMob Rewarded Video Ads
  • Facebook Banner Ads
  • Facebook Interstitial Ads

Documentation FQM:

Which Android Studio version is needed? Click Here For How to

How to Open The Project in Android Studio?

  • Open Android Studio > Open an Existing Android Studio Project > Select Your Project build. gradle file > ok
  • Select Project

How to change the package name correctly? Read Here

How to change app name?

  • Open Android Studio >App > res > values > strings.xml
  • Enter your app name inside “app_name” string tag:
    Fancy Quotes Maker

Where to put Admob Publisher ID in Application?

How to Change AdMob id?

To Chang admob id goto app > res > values > strings.xml. then place your AdMob App id And Ads id respectively, and also set time in seconds for interstitial ads appear after that time.

How to change Application Icon and App Color Code’?

How To Change Application Icon

  • Open Android Studio > app > res >
  • Rename your icon with ic_launcher.png and paste in all mipmap folders

How To Change App Color Code

  • Open Android Studio > app > res >values > color.xml
  • Replace your color code on color.xml file

How to Add Server URL:

Goto, app > java > com.nulledsourcecode.fancyquotesmaker > Variables >

Then Add Background Images (PNG or JPG) URLs Like This:

How to Generate Signed APK or Create Keystore File 2020 ? Read Here

Contact us To Buy this Project.

What You will Get?

  • Android Studio Two Project (1st) With AdMob Ads and (2nd) With Facebook Ads.
  • Documentation
  • 20 Cool Backgrounds
Check Demo App Here:
(1) With AdMob Ads,        (2) With Facebook Ads


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