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Doctor Finder – Complete Medical Solution Android Application

Find Doctor And Book Doctor Appointment Android Studio Full Source Code With Admin Panel PHP – Nulled Source Code


You will need the following sofwares to customize this template.

  1. Android Studio
  2. Server to host admin panel

 Be careful while editing the template. If not edited properly, the app may break completely.
No support is provided for faulty customization.

How to import Project:

 You should have the latest version of android studio. you can download android studio from Here

  • 1. Open Android Studio
  • 2. SELECT —> Open and existing android studio project
  • 3. Wait while the android studio is processing

Change Package Name

  • 1. Go to JAVA folder
  • 2. RIGHT CLICK ON freaktemplate –> Choose Rename –> rename package –> Click on Do Refactor
  • 3. if require also change package name in gradle file
  • 4. Also check google.json file if you can not run
  • 5. Clean and run project

Setup Admin Panel

Admin panel or backend is require to upload quote, images and videos which will be reflected in your android application, you require a linux based server with php support, if you are not aware of this ask your server provider about configuration.

For content based project like ours, we recommend using VPS server to speed up content loading, while you can also use shared server for startup

Free server will not work with this script, as we are using web API and free server provide advertising with API call

  •  Open Your cpanel –> Open File Manager
  • 2. Zip Php Script to upload
  • 3. Open a folder where you want to upload –> select upload option –> Upload Zip file
  • 4. Now Unzip/Extract zip file on server
  • 5. Setup Dataabase –> Go to MySQL® Databases –> Create New Database
  • 6. Create New User –> Assign Database user
  • 7. Now Open phpmyadmin –> Upload database file
  • 8. Update wp-config.php file
  • 9. Open wp-replace.php file on Domain
  • 10. Update with your domain url.

Configure Project

  • To connect android app with your admin panel or backend you need to change url in string.xml file, follow below instructions.
  • In Android Studio Project, Locate String.xml under app > res > values
  • In link replace url with your admin panel url.

How to setup Facebook Login ?

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