Learn API Integration in Android Studio Retrofit 2 JAVA

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Learn API Integration in Android Studio Retrofit 2 JAVA
  • 15h 42m Duration
  • 70 Lectures

Learn API Integration in Android Studio Retrofit 2 JAVA

What you'll learn

    1. Learn API Integration via Retrofit 2 On Java-Based
    2. How to Add Multiple Retrofit Instances into Same Project
    3. Learn How to Create Android App From Scratch With New SDK 34
    4. Learn How to Use Glide Image Library To Display Images from API
    5. Learn How to Display Data in recyclerview
    6. Learn How to Create Layout Designing With Constraint Layout
    7. Learn How to Add an App Logo or Icon
    8. Learn How to Use Drawable in TextView as a Background
    9. Learn How to Use Single Fragment to Show Data From Different Categories Over Different API Endpoints
    10. How to Integrate AppLovin MAX Ads Network
    11. Learn How to Change Default Bottom Navigation Fragments and Titles
    12. Learn to Show Progress Bar During Fetching the Data From API
    13. Learn To Create Material Design Dialog and Show Data From API Inside recyclerview
    14. And Some more interesting things
    15. Creating Custom Progress Dialog
    16. How to Add Lottie Animation
    17. How to Publish an App on Play Store/ Play Console
    18. Learn How to Create WebView and Pass Dynamic URLs
    19. Learn to Integrate Wortise Ads Network in Android Studio
    20. Learn How to Add App Permission Dialog In the App
    21. Learn to Publish App Update on Play Store.

  • Requirements

      1. You should know Android StudioYou should know about the JAVA, API, Retrofit
      2. You will need Android Studio Installed on your PC or Laptop.
      3. Your Android Studio should be updated and Gradle Plugin Version 8.1.3 or Newer
      4. Gradle Wrapper should be updated and 8.0 or Newer
      5. Need A Mobile or Emulator to Test the App
      6. You should create a fresh project in Android Studio to Learn it, After Learning You can use any other Project to Integrate apis.
  • Description

    You are creating a Complete Android Game App using gamehubs API Via Retrofit 2 JAVA. Hello Everyone, During this course you will learn to retrofit 2 JSON API Integration in the Latest Android Studio with JAVA Language Step-by-Step. The SDK used in the Project is 34 with the Latest Version of Gradle. Using this type of App, you can make huge money from gamehubs and App Advertisements with AppLovin. After Learning this Course, you will able to develop your apps using retrofit2 on JSON API. Get detailed information about the lists, modals, adapters, layouts, strings, colours, dimensions, fragments, activity etc. It would help if you learned how to upload or publish an app on Play Store successfully.
    We have Included Games Category, Featured Games, Most Played Games, Random Games and Get Games By Categories, We have also included how to get the user's current IP Address, Country Code and Country Flag Via a Free API.

    This project has been created on Windows 11 and the language is used is Indian English, If you need Hindi Language then Feel free to send your feedback to us.  The Video Course Resolution is 1920x1080 with clear sound, you can check the audio and video quality in the introduction video of this course.

    Note:- Android Studio Project Source Code is not included with this course, you can separately buy it from me if needed.

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