AutoCAD 2024 - from Zero to Advanced- Full Course

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AutoCAD 2024 - from Zero to Advanced- Full Course
  • 17h 41m Duration
  • 123 Lectures

AutoCAD 2024 - from Zero to Advanced- Full Course

  1. Develop a solid understanding of AutoCAD 2024’s interface and navigation.
  2. Master essential drawing commands for creating basic shapes and complex designs.
  3. Learn how to use object snap features in AutoCAD 2024 for precise drawing.
  4. Apply layers and line types effectively to organize drawings.
  5. Create and work with blocks and dynamic blocks.
  6. Add text, dimensions, and leaders to drawings for clarity and precision.
  7. Utilize tables and fields within AutoCAD 2024.
  8. Explore layouts and printing options for presenting and sharing drawings.
  9. Gain proficiency in advanced tools for collaborating and sharing AutoCAD drawings.
Course Content:
  1. AutoCAD 2024 Interface and Navigation
  2. Drawing Commands for Basic Shapes in AutoCAD 2024
  3. Advanced Drawing Tools for Complex Designs
  4. Using Object Snap in AutoCAD 2024
  5. Applying Layers and Line Types for Organized Drawings
  6. Creating Blocks and Dynamic Blocks
  7. Adding Text, Dimensions, and Leaders to Drawings
  8. Using Tables and Fields in AutoCAD 2024
  9. Layouts and Printing in AutoCAD 2024
  10. Advanced Tools for Collaborating and Sharing Drawings
Target Audience:
  1. Architects
  2. Engineers
  3. BIM Modelers
  4. BIM Managers
  5. BIM Coordinators
  6. Designers
The course covers various aspects of AutoCAD 2024, starting from the basics and progressing to advanced techniques. The key topics include:
This course is intended for a diverse audience that includes:

Teaching Style: The course appears to follow a structured approach with step-by-step lessons, specific tricks, and challenging projects. It aims to convey AutoCAD concepts through practical experiences and real-world applications.

Course Benefits: Participants will have the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in AutoCAD 2024, from basic drawing commands to advanced tools for collaboration and sharing. This course is designed to empower learners with the skills needed to create professional designs using AutoCAD.
Overall, the course aims to provide a comprehensive and transformative learning journey for individuals interested in mastering AutoCAD 2024, making it suitable for beginners and experienced designers alike.

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