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Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App

Call Plus - Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra -Krishna Apps - nulled source code

You can make a call easily from everywhere in the world to everyone privately.
During a call, your mobile number will not go to the receiver’s mobile.

Call Plus App By – Krishna Apps

You can make a call easily from everywhere in the world to everyone with custom private numbers.
When you call someone then your mobile number will be hidden on the receiver screen on mobile.
The Call Plus app is easy to handle just type a number or choose from the contact list given in Call Plus app then hit dial.
Call Plus is fully secure and safe to use for everyone.

To make calls you must have an internet connection but the receiver can receive calls even he/she is offline or online.

To start calling just Register with your mobile number and verify it using OTP. After that for making calls, you have to recharge your account: to do this
go to the Credit Tab and choose a valid pack to buy credit for calls.
You can buy call credits within our app only using given payment options only. Do any recharge and make calls.

Demo Admin Panel Check Here

Id & Password for Admin:   admin


Demo App Check Here

❤️ Useful Features of Call Plus App: ⭐️


Private Number: You can call anywhere and to anyone in the world your mobile number will always be private. It means the call receiver will not see your actual mobile number.

🟢 Recent Calls: Your all-picked-up call can be easily found in the recent call menu these call details will be saved in your account on our server, you can either keep it or delete it.

🟢 Make Call: To make a call you have to dial the receiver mobile number along with the country code or simply choose a mobile number from your contacts list in the Call Plus App.

🟢 Wallet Recharge: To perform a call you have to recharge your wallet with credits, to purchase credits please visit the “Recharge Wallet” Button on the Home Screen of the Call Plus App then choose the price you want to pay and select payment method to buy credits for calls.

🟢 Recharge History: You can see your all recharge history by clicking on the button given on the Home Screen.

🟢 Free Credits: If you are unable to pay for credits, then don’t worry we have to think for you, You can get free credits from Daily Lucky Spin And Playing Online Games or View some Ads.

🟢 Referral System: If you will share this app with your friends or anyone if use your referral code during the registration process then you will receive some credits these credits may vary from time to time and country-wise.

🔴 Note:- We support neither any illegal activities nor misuse of our Call Plus app. By using our app you are agreed to our Terms & Conditions.

Call Plus - Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra -Krishna Apps - nulled source code

Call Plus - Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra nulled source code

Krishna Apps Developer Android Studio

Documentation Call Plus

Hosting  Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 7.2
  • allow_url_fopen Enabled
  • short_open_tag Enabled
  • cURL support Enabled
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Web Hosting – We Recommended Hosting From Hostinger, Get it Here – Coupon Code For 15% Discount:  SPECIAL15

Note:- You can use any cpanel based web hosting

Android Studio 4.2.1 And SDK 30, Gradle 6.7.1 is Required

How to Install Android Studio Read Here

  • Open Android Studio > Open an Existing Android Studio Project > Select Your Project build. gradle file > ok
  • Select Project

See the below example:

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna Apps

Click Here To Watch Video

You can change it easily from Android Studio. Here are the steps:

  • In the Project pane, click on the little gear icon.Uncheck/Deselect the Compact Empty Middle Packages option.
  • Your package directory will now be broken up into individual directories.
  • Individually select each directory you want to rename, and: Right-click selects Refactor Click on RenameIn in the Pop-up dialog.
  • Click on Rename Package instead of Rename Directory Enter the new name and hit RefactorAllow a minute to let Android Studio update all changes.
  • Now open your build.gradle (Usually ‘app’ or ‘mobile’). Update the application to your Package Name and Sync Gradle, if it hasn’t already been updated automatically.

Note: When renaming com in Android Studio, it might give a warning. In such case, select Rename All.

  • Open Android Studio >Status Reward App > res > values > strings.xml
  • Enter your app name inside the “app_name” string tag:
<string name="app_name">Call Plus</string>
  • Select Project > go to Gradle Scripts>
  • Open
  • now if your Sever is so your API URL like that ending with slash –

How To Change Application Icon

  • Open Android Studio > app > res > mipmap
  • Rename your icon with ic_launcher.png and paste in all mipmap folders

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna Apps

How To Change Splash Screen Image

Open Android Studio > app > res > drawable change and replace your images here.

  • Open Android Studio > app > res >values > strings.xml
  • Enter your Play Store Apps Link inside “play_more_apps” string tag:
<string name="play_more_apps"></string>


Login in your firebase console account from here

  • Then select your existing app or add a new App by clicking on Add Project

As showing in the below Image:

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna Apps

  • Then Enter your App Name and press next or continue. As shown in the below image:

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna AppsCall Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna Apps

How to Enable Google Login As shown in the above image, Just follow the below screenshot to enable it.

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna AppsSame as like that enable all methods.

Remember that you have to create SHA1 from your keystore file, To create SHA 1 from keystore or .jks file you have to create a keystore or shining key file after that place this .jks file in app folder of your android studio folder. and add alias name and password in the build.gradle file.

After that follow the below image to get SHA 1 key for firebase:

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna Apps

Then after getting SHA add it in your firebase account under your app which you have created in the start of this doc.

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna Apps

How to Get SHA 1 Key of Published App From Play Cosnole?

  • Select OPT-OUT or if you select continue then you have upload keystore and get SHA-1 key from google app signing certificate as follows
  • Navigate to the Google Play Console and login
  • Choose the application you are signing
  • Go to Release Management –> App Signing
  • Copy /Download the SHA-1 or SHA-256 certificate fingerprint from the App signing certificate section

Now after setup firebase completely download your google-service.json file and download it and replace it in your android studio project under app directory as shown in the below screenshots:

Call Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna AppsCall Plus – Worldwide Anonymous Calling App - codeintra - Krishna Apps

So if you want to enable mail sending then you must configure this mail/SMTP configuration in the admin panel.

You can find these settings in Settings > SMTP Settings Tab.

NOTE: You have to set less secure apps access your account enables and 2-factor authentication off Less secure apps – Google Account please go through this Link Click Here

Default config details for Gmail SMTP

G-mail SMTP Host:

G Email[email protected]

Gmail id Password: xxxxxx

SMTPSecure(TLS) – Port No.: 587

SMTPSecure(SSL) – Port No.: 465

App settings  in Admin Pane contain the OTP verification enable/disable button.


  • Create New App

Select Facebook Login Option

Then Choose Android

Enter your package name and default disply activity class name

Then press next and enter Key Hash

Copy your facebook_app_id and fb_login_protocol_scheme

  • Open Android Studio >Call Plus > res > values > strings.xml
  • Enter your facebook app id inside “facebook_app_id” string tag:
<string name="facebook_app_id">XXXXXXXXXXXXX</string>
  • Enter your fb login protocol scheme
<string name="fb_login_protocol_scheme">XXXXXXXXXXXXX</string>

And click next all step.

  • Add your privacy policy link
  • Add your user data deletion link
  • Select category
  • Go to setting > basic

Enable in devlopment

Open and login in Facebook Developer Website :-

  • Click On My Apps
  • Click On Create App
  • If your app already exists then select your app

Enter App Name

  • Click On Products +
  • Click On Set Up button of Audience Network

Select your Business Manager Account or Create New One

  • Enter your app name
  • Click next

Click On Add of Android Section

  • Add your google app url if your app live
  • Click on Submit
  • Select the ad setup option
  • Choose ad type
  • Click on next
  • Go to side menu
  • Go to Integration > Properties

Now select your app

Now click on more option and click Create Placement

  • Enter your ad placement name
  • Select your ad type
  • Click Create Placement below

How to find your ad ids

  • Go to side menu
  • Click Testing inside Integration menu
  • Turn On Testing enabled
  • Ad your device advertising id to load facebook ads
  • Find Advertising ID -> In your device go to Google Setting > Ads > Your Advertising ID

Note :- Disable Testing when you upload your app to playstore

Note:- To test Facebook ads in your phone you have to either add your phone advertising id or you have to log in to Facebook app in your phone with the same account in which you have created app

  • Enter your app playstore url and click submit button
  • Add Your Payment Account if you havent added
  • Setup all details

Get your Google Server API key and project number.

How to Change One Signal App Id

  • Open Android Studio > app > java > com.example.status > util >
  • Enter your Onesignal App id 

How to Change One Signal Id And Rest Key?

Now go to Admin Panel > Notification Enter here these id.

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