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Android Jobs App (Job Seeker, Job Provider, Shine, Naukri Indeed, Resume V1.3 – NSC

Great app for job seekers, and job providers. If you’re trying to find employment or trying to find employees for Job, then this app is basically helpful, it’s all the roles searching features. the appliance is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure, and detailed documentation is provided. you’ll create your own application. This application is additionally for the work provider, the simplest thanks to reaching the work seekers.

Documentation For Admi Panel And App:

Server Requirements

  • PHP >= 7.2
  • allow_url_fopen Enabled
  • short_open_tag Enabled
  • cURL support Enabled
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension

Installation Process

⇒ Installing Requirements

The following quick steps show how the installation progress.

↬ Unzip and UploadExtract the archive you have downloaded from CodeCanyon. Copy all files from FIRST TIME BUYER > php_web_services folder and upload to your server.

↬ One-Click InstallationExtract the archive you have downloaded from CodeCanyon. Copy all files from FIRST TIME BUYER > php_web_services folder and upload to your server.

⇢ Step 1 – Open Installation Wizard

If you have all requirements on your server so the system will redirect you to install the wizard page.Installation Wizard Url e.g.

Before run installer first you need to select any one option. Which one for you want to run application.

There is two options. 1) Installer for android application or 2) Installer for ios application

⇢ Step 2 – Verify Purchase

Next step is envato buyer purchase verification. In this step user must provide envato username, envato purchase code and envato buyer email

⇢ Step 3 – Database Settings

In this step user must provide database name, username, password and host name(default: localhost.)

After fill that database details click Import button

Database importing will take some time to import database

After successfully database import you will get this below screen

⇢ Step 4 – Finish

We created an admin account for you by default

Username: admin

Password: admin

After the installation complete you can the admin and application

Api Url for Android application is:e.g.

Api Url for iOs application is:e.g.

Mail/SMTP Configuration

So if you want to enable mail sending then you must configure this mail/smtp configuration in admin panel.

You can find this settings in SMTP Settings Tab.

Enter all SMTP Details as shown in screen shot below

Hosting Server:

If you have problem with mailing with this setup than please contact your provider with those variables and ask correct info


NOTE: You have to set less secure apps access your account enable and 2 factor authentication off Less secure apps – Google Account please go through this Link

Default config details for Gmail SMTP

Gmail SMTP Host:

Gmail Email: [email protected]

Gmail Password: xxxxxx

SMTPSecure(TLS) – Port No.: 587

SMTPSecure(SSL) – Port No.: 465

Verify Purchase

Verify Purchase contains the envato verified details here you also can change the package name/ios bundle from android/ios application


Which Android Studio version is needed?

Latest Android Studio version is recommended, which can be downloaded from here:

How to Open The Project in Android Studio?

  • Open Android Studio > Open an Existing Android Studio Project > Select Your Project build. gradle file > ok
  • Select Project

How to change the package name?

You can change it easily from Android Studio. Here are the steps:

  • In the Project pane, click on the little gear icon.Uncheck/Deselect the Flatten Packages and Hide Empty Middle Packages option.
  • Your package directory will now be broken up in individual directories.
  • Individually select each directory you want to rename, and: Right-click itSelect RefactorClick on RenameIn the Pop-up dialog.
  • Click on Rename Package instead of Rename Directory Enter the new name and hit RefactorAllow a minute to let Android Studio update all changes.
  • Now open your build.gradle (Usually ‘app’ or ‘mobile’). Update the applicationId to your Package Name and Sync Gradle, if it hasn’t already been updated automatically.

Note: When renaming com in Android Studio, it might give a warning. In such case, select Rename All.

How to change app name?

  • Open Android Studio >JobApp_V1.3 > res > values > strings.xml
  • Enter your app name inside “app_name” string tag:
    <string name="app_name">JobsApp</string>

Where to put Server Url in Application?

  • Select Project > go to Gradle Scripts>
  • Open
  • now if your Sever is so your service URL like that

How to Package Name in Admin Panel?

  • Select Verify Purchase
  • Select Android App
  • Put Android Package Name
  • Click Save

For getting package name go to app build.gradle where applicationId is the package name which you have to put in admin panel.
applicationId “” here is package name

Where to put Admob Publisher ID in Admin?

This is used for Admob GDPR

Where to put Admob Privacy Url in Application?

  • Open Android Studio > app > res > values > strings.xml
  • Enter your AdMob App id inside “privacy_url” string tag:
    <string name="privacy_url">Your Admob Privacy Url Here</string>

How to find AdMob App Id and add in application?

  • How to find App Id

How to add App ID strings.xml and AndroidManifest.xml

How to Change Ad id?

  • Open Android Settings
  • Select Admob Setting
  • There are seperated section of each type of ads
  • Now if you want to display ads in app side then make switch it on otherwise off
  • If their is Banner Ad Type if you want to display ads from which ad network Admob/Facebook
  • Click Save

How to change interstitial Ad Count?

  • Open Android Settings
  • Select Admob Setting
  • There one section related to Interstital ads
  • Now if you want to display ads in app side then make switch it on otherwise off
  • If their is Banner Ad Type if you want to display ads from which ad network Admob/Facebook
  • Now if you want to display interstital ads when user click 5 times in question list then put 5
  • Click Save

How to Generate Facebook Ads ID?

Open and login in Facebook Developer Website :-

  • Click On My Apps
  • Click On Create App
  • If your app already exists then select your app

Enter App Name

  • Click On Products +
  • Click On Set Up button of Audience Network

Select your Business Manager Account or Create New One

  • Enter your app name
  • Click next

Click On Add of Android Section

  • Select App is not live
  • Click on Submit
  • Select the type of ad to create id
  • Write the steps to find that particular ad
  • Click on Create Placement
  • Go to side menu
  • Go to Integration > Properties

Now select your app

Now click on more option and click Create Placement

  • Enter your ad placement name
  • Select your ad type
  • Click Create Placement below

How to find your ad ids

  • Go to side menu
  • Click Testing inside Integration menu
  • Turn On Testing enabled
  • Ad your device advertising id to load facebook ads
  • Find Advertising ID -> In your device go to Google Setting > Ads > Your Advertising ID

Disable Testing when you upload your app to the play store

To test Facebook ads on your phone you have to either add your phone advertising id or you have to log in to the Facebook app on your phone with the same account in which you have created the app

  • Enter your app playstore url and click submit button
  • Tick The Audience Network SDK has been integrated into my app
  • Click on Confirm Manually
  • Add Your Payment Account if you havent added

How to change ‘Splash Screen, Application Icon and MoreApp link’?

How To Change Application Icon

  • Open Android Studio > app > res >
  • Rename your icon with ic_launcher_app.png & ic_launcher_app_round.png and paste in all mipmap folders with there specific size

How To Change Splash Screen

  • Open Android Studio > app > res > drawable-nodpi > splash.jpg
  • Rename your splash screen image with splash.png and paste in drawable folder

How To Change MoreApp Link

How to enable/disable RTL?

  • Open Android Studio > app > res > values > strings.xml
  • Change isRTL to true if you want to enable or false if you want to disable
  • Change all the text below in your language

How to generate google-service.json for firebase analytic ?


  • Create New Project

Put Your Project Name & if you want to change country and location then change

Now you have to add app in new created project so click on Android Icon

Have to put package name and app name

Click on blue button to download that json file

Download google-service.json file and replace in app folder of your project directory.

How to Create App in OneSignal for Notification?

  • Open OneSignal Website >>
  • Login/Register in your account
  • Now ADD APP
  • Enter Your App Name

Select Platfrom as Android

  • Configure Platfrom >> Now in above step we create one project in firebase
  • Click on Setting icon >> Project Setting
  • Go to Cloud Messaging Tab
  • Copy Server Key & Sender Id

Now Paste that both ids in Configure Platfrom section

Select Native Android as Select SDK

Now Copy that Application of signal and paste in android side

  • Open Android Studio > App > build.gradle(Module:app)
  • Enter your Onesignal App id inside“onesignal_app_id”
    onesignal_app_id ="Your onesignal_app_id"
  • After that you have to sync gradle then run android application
  • Then click on Check Subscribed User in Install SDK
  • You will be seen green message-box
  • Now Done

How to Change One Signal Id And Rest Key in Admin?

  • In Top bar menu there is Settings > Keys & IDs

Now Open Admin Panel >> Android Settings >> Notification Settings

How to Send Notification From Admin?

  • Open Admin Panel > Notification > Android Notification
  • Enter title and message which are mandatory
  • Upload Image if you want to show in notificaiton. This is optional
  • If you want to send notification for particular item then choose in dropdown type. This is optional

How to Generate Signed APK? Read Here

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